A single family house at the corner of one of the former military hospital buildings. The site is located close to the north sea. A salty breeze is felt while wandering across the historical facades. The front door is located at level 0, which is above ground level as the garden is sunken for about 75 cm. The garden is west oriented. The main problem was the absence of decent daylight at the lowest level. The concept focuses on a strong connection between the day functions, bringing in daylight and differing in spatiality for the seating and reading area. All night functions are located at the upper level.

The vertical circulation is placed at the darker north side of the house. Cooking, dining and working are located at level 0. The two lazy steps down divides without the use of hard borders. The design feels functional, elegant and offers a good overview. The stairs upside are subtly visible. The seating and reading area are located at ground level. This place is characterized by difference in spatiality. The lower ceiling feels covered and stands in contrast to the sofa area that is located under the mezzanine. High or low, open or cozy. Choose what suits your feelings best.

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