kitchen - 2021

For this design I've worked with the principles 'embracement' (geborgenheid), 'connection' & 'transition'. 'Embracement' was used to create a warm atmosphere at the working & reading area in the back. This room is west oriented and bathes in the evening light to complement the east oriented living area. 'Connection' was used to create an open cooking & dining area with 180° views towards the garden. 'Transition' was used - as a design point of view - to create a narrative trajectory passing by the big windows, and functional trajectories for the cooking area. The same three words were also used to define a basic color pallet. 'Embracement' stands for brown, 'connection' for beige and 'transition' for grey. Black was used for the cooking wall to function as a static element. Green was used for details.

The form language consists of a harmony between organic and geometric shapes. The black geometric cooking wall stands back to create breathing space for the organic island and table. The desk is shaped for bent plywood and is pure functional. The table is somewhat Japanese inspired and seats 10 people.

The overall design is meant to be elegant, functional and narrative.

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